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Welcome to IRockYourSocks. We have myspace comments, orkut comments and much more!
Check out all the comments we already have. MUCH MORE coming too!
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I Rock Your Socks is LIVE!
I Rock Your Socks is already one of the biggest comment sites out there with thousands and thousands of graphics and image comments for myspace, orkut comments or scraps, myeeos comments, freidster graphics and more. The biggest challenge seemed to be trying to keep it organized and catagorized so it will make it easier for you to find what you want when you want it. After all, we aim to be your number #1 source for comments on all your social networks. So give us a shot and be sure to let us know what you think (contact form coming shortly). Also let us know what you want or would be interested in and we will do what we can fo find it ;). We hope now that things are going, you will use IRockYourSocks for your myspace comments, orkut comments, friendster comments, fubar comments and all the other great networkds out there. We may also offer up some myspace generators and myspace layouts and of course all sorts of graphics and images not just tons of comment codes ;). We have much more to add and will always be building more for you but for now we think we have a little to get you started ;). Please help spread the word about the new best place for comments:!

Don't forget to add us on your favorite social networkd and say hi (links on the right navigation). We definitely like to see people use our own myspace comments, orkut comments, friendster comments, hi5 comments,bebo comments and anywhere else you see us. Of course you can also use our comments on blogs and websites too! Also let us know if there are any specific catagories you want us to add for comments for myspace, comments for orkut, comments for friendster, comments for tagged or whatever. We plan to have tons more but want to get what you want to use to pimp your profiles.

If you need just Myspace Comment codes check out our partner site We will be sharing content to make sure you get as much graet content as possible!

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